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About us
We at CuteReminder Labs develop software to be used at office and home. Our mission is to provide individuals and enterprises with handy and powerful software tools for efficient collaboration and hassle-free personal information management.

Innovations are basis of our approach to software development. We are convinced that commonly used standards and solutions should be reviewed from time to time. The value of our software is based on:
 Creative revision of common solutions.
 Non-standard yet practically proven concepts.
 Elaborate design and accurate implementation.

Proper communication between co-workers in a team is very important for doing successful business. You must be able to safely pass information to other team members in order to cooperate effectively. It is extremely important to retain control over deadlines and tasks you assign to your colleagues.

There is a vast amount of information people have to deal with everyday. It is necessary to keep in mind calls, meetings, appointments, prices, events, etc. That excessive amount of information exhausts memory and brain resources, downgrades creativity potential, comfort, lifestyle, and may lead to stress. That is why information management software must be extremely user-friendly providing you with comfort at your workplace.

We are doing our best to comply with the requirements above. We strive to contribute to the productivity and comfort of people at work. Enterprises benefit from using our software, which support teamwork and make employees more organized and efficient.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using our products!
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