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Philosophy of Cute Reminder

The information that Cute Reminder helps you operate with is grouped into three broad categories: Reminders, Notes, and Ideas.

Reminder icon Reminder is information tightly bound to a specific time. A small tab will pop up on a side of your screen to gently remind you.

You can make a reminder tab blink to make sure that you timely notice a very important reminder.

For instance, if you have a working meeting in fifteen minutes from now, you set up a reminder.

Note icon Note is information not bound to a specific time.

For instance, you create a note to store temporary information such as a phone number, address, web link, a shopping or to-do list. Notes are placed on your desktop. You can make a note stay on top of all windows or hide all notes to keep your desktop clean.

Idea icon Idea is information, which is potentially useful, but needs more thinking.

Ideas do not imply any deadlines or immediate actions. You use ideas to let them become ripe and avoid wasting your time and effort working on fuzzy goals. Ideas are a special kind of notes that become visible only after a pre-defined initial period is passed.

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