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Quick Specs
Feature Cute Reminder
Standard Professional Enterprise
One-click alarm time set up
Unobtrusive reminders
Notes and ideas management
Recurring reminders
Sound playback (mp3, wma, wav)
Schedule and calendar
Automatic archive
Running in the system tray
Keyboard shortcuts
Reminder's expiry date option
MS Outlook export/import
History editing
Filtering and sorting options
Instant messages
Task assignment to other users
User groups' management
Postponed delivery to off-line recipients
Key Benefits
Here is the list of the key benefits common to all editions of Cute Reminder including Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.
Quick and simple interface
You will never be confused by inappropriate options. We keep the interface of our reminder software as simple and clear as possible to provide you with the comfort you need: only two mouse clicks are necessary to set up a reminder and only one is enough to postpone it.
No distractions
Cute Reminder is so cute and user-friendly that it does not distract you even when reminding you. A small yet clearly visible reminder tab will pop up on the right side of your screen to remind you without interrupting your current work. You can see the reminder's full description by just moving your mouse pointer over the tab; you can postpone or delete reminders with only one mouse click.
Creativity support
Have you ever thought how creative you are? Have you ever experienced the power of your own creativity? Are you eager to improve it? Cute Reminder will keep all your ideas. It will provide you with the ability to produce brilliant ideas effortlessly.
Your personal look and feel of a program
Each Cute Reminder's skin can be colored according to your preferences. You can get your personal look and feel of Cute Reminder in seconds. The color editor is embedded directly into the application.
Audio support
You can easily configure Cute Reminder to play your favorite music when it triggers a reminder. The application uses keywords to recognize which sound it needs to play to accompany an event. Cute Reminder supports various sound formats (such as wav, mp3, and wma).
Desktop sticky notes
Desktop notes are very similar to the paper-made sticky notes. You can easily group and arrange your notes on the desktop. You can leave a sticky note in the background or make it stay on top of all windows so you can always see it. Unlike with paper sticky notes, searching for information is quick and simple, there is no clutter on your desk or monitor and you will never lose an important note since they are all automatically saved into history. Cute Reminder's desktop notes hide their title bars to save space on your desktop.
Advanced reminders
You can set up recurring reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to control repeating events such as birthdays and anniversaries. If you regularly perform a job such as updating specific data, you can attach a web link, e-mail, or file to a reminder, and Cute Reminder will open it for you.
Scheduling and planning
You can fully control upcoming events and plan your time. Your schedule is always accessible with only one mouse click.
History and tracking
Cute Reminder will act as a personal chronicler for you. If you need at some point to look back and recall the events of the past, it will provide you with this opportunity. In addition to the "Find" function, there is a "Trace" feature. It will show you an individual history of any selected event.
Professional Edition Features
The Professional Edition of Cute Reminder has all the features of the Standard Edition and provides you additionally with keyboard shortcuts, improved user interface, filtering and ordering capabilities, import and export functions, and more. Below is the list of the features added to the Professional Edition.
 You can run the program in the system tray. This will hide the Quick access panel and place a small icon near the clock in the taskbar. All the functions of the Quick access panel are accessible via the icon's pop-up menu.
 Keyboard shortcuts are supported. You can define various hotkeys to rapidly perform routine actions such as opening the Control center, viewing reminders, showing/hiding your notes, creating ideas, and more.
 You can export to and import from Microsoft Outlook. This feature enables Outlook users to move their current reminders and notes to and from Cute Reminder. You can easily transfer your data stored in Cute Reminder to a mobile device such as PDA or mobile phone through Microsoft Outlook.
 The History supports deletion, so you can easily delete unnecessary information.
 You can set up an expiry date for a recurring reminder.
 Sorting is supported. You can filter and sort your notes, reminders, and ideas by keyword, date, or alphabetically.
 Notes support the case switch function, so you can easily mark an important phrase with capital letters. Just make a selection and press Ctrl+S to switch the case.
 You can change a note's color using hotkeys (Shift+F1,F2,F3), make the note stay on top of all windows (Shift+F5,F6), or delete it (Ctrl+F4).
 A note can be created and moved to any location on your screen using only hotkeys, so you can quickly perform this common action without even touching your mouse.
Enterprise Edition Features
The Enterprise Edition of Cute Reminder has all the features of the Professional Edition and provides you additionally with communication capabilities. It allows you to send messages over your local network, assign tasks, define and track deadlines working in a team. Below is the list of the features added to the Enterprise Edition.
 Instant messages. You can send instant messages to other users in your local network. No network configuration is required, because Cute Reminder works as a standalone application. No server installation is needed. No Internet connection is required.
 Tasks. You can assign tasks to the team members and track, edit, or cancel the associated deadlines. Each task has a separate message thread, a deadline, and private comment to provide you with high level of flexibility.
 Online status. You can view the online status of other team members and assign a task to one of those who are online to allow its speedy completion.
 User groups. You can create and edit user groups to send messages and tasks to multiple recipients.
 Off-line delivery. You can send messages to off-line recipients. The message will be delivered immediately when the recipient goes on-line. You will be notified in case an off-line delivery fails.
Note to Registered Users
Registered users may install a trial version of a more powerful edition of Cute Reminder without deinstallation of the registered version. This will not affect your data. You can easily switch back to your registered version by simply terminating the trial version and starting the registered one.

Registered users may order upgrade licenses. For details, please go to the upgrade page.

After you register an upgrade version, it will import your data from your previous version of Cute Reminder. After that the previous version may be safely uninstalled.
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