Cute Reminder Software Online User's Manual 
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Below is a short overview of the chapters comprising the help and some guidelines on how to read this help file more efficiently.  
Introductory topics  
Why Cute Reminder? introduces the underlying philosophy behind Cute Reminder. Please take a look at this topic.  
What is it for? gives you an idea of what the purpose of Cute Reminder is. Please read this topic.  
Main Features is a general overview of what Cute Reminder is able to do. Please take a look at this topic.  
Basic concepts  
Topic Three Types of Information is the key point for understanding how to operate Cute Reminder. Please read it thoroughly.  
Topic Quick Operations explains what techniques Cute Reminder uses to operate quickly and easily. Please take a look at this topic if you do not feel very familiar with Cute Reminder.  
Topic Saving the information explains how Cute Reminder provides a backup of your data. Please read this topic.  
Other Chapters  
Contents of the chapters Using Cute Reminder and Customizing Cute Reminder address questions on how to perform particular actions.  
Chapter Tips and Tricks gives you some ideas you may find helpful while using Cute Reminder.  
Chapter Support contains information useful for troubleshooting. Please take a look at our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) if you have any questions.  
Note: If you have not registered Cute Reminder yet, trial restrictions will apply each time you run the program. Please see the sections Trial Restrictions and How to Order for more information.  

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