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Unobtrusive Reminders & Quick Notes on Your Desktop
"Folks seeking an unobtrusive tool for keeping their life straight will most likely find this program to be an appealing solution."   "Cute Reminder is one of those clever, yet carefully thought out programs that comes out once in a great while."
-  - Dr.FileFinder 
Create desktop sticky notes, set up non-annoying reminders, and manage your ideas with just one or two mouse clicks.
Download the Full-Featured Version for Free. No Adware. No Spyware. No Time Limitation. You can safely remove Cute Reminder from your computer anytime.
Standard Edition version 2.5 (size 2.58 MB)
The Standard Edition of Cute Reminder allows you to quickly create notes and reminders. It supports recurring reminders, desktop sticky notes, and personal schedule.
Professional Edition version 2.5 (size 2.60 MB)
The Professional Edition of Cute Reminder has all the features of the Standard Edition and provides you additionally with keyboard shortcuts, improved user interface, filtering and ordering capabilities, import and export functions, and other useful features.
Enterprise Edition version 2.5 (size 2.69 MB)
The Enterprise Edition has all the features of the Professional Edition and provides you additionally with communication capabilities over your local network. It allows you to send messages, assign tasks, and control deadlines working in a team.
Messaging Utility version 1.2 (size 0.24 MB)
Use the command line utility to send messages over your local area network to the users of Cute Reminder Enterprise Edition. You can invoke it to send automatic notifications from scripts or other applications.
You may use the free version of Cute Reminder at no cost for unlimited time. The total number of stored reminders, messages, tasks, notes, and ideas is limited to seven. If you wish to expand the storage capacity, please purchase the full version of Cute Reminder. The full version is able to store an unlimited number of reminders, messages, tasks, notes, and ideas.
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